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Trail Map

HVHSA Trail Map

Download a PDF version of this map here.

Trail Status

Back TrailAlgonquin Quad (Green Chair)More DifficultMore DifficultClosed
Members DipAlgonquin Quad (Green Chair)Most DifficultMost DifficultClosed
The FaceAlgonquin Quad (Green Chair)Most DifficultMost DifficultClosed
Chalet ChuteBigwin Quad (Blue Chair)More DifficultMore DifficultClosed
Fifth AvenueBigwin Quad (Blue Chair)EasiestEasiestOpen
Terrain ParkBigwin Quad (Blue Chair)More DifficultMore DifficultOpen
Beginner HillHandle TowEasiestEasiestClosed
Wild CatIroquois Quad (Red Chair)Most DifficultMost DifficultClosed
Lazy LadyIroquois Quad (Red Chair)EasiestEasiestClosed
Flying DutchmanIroquois Quad (Red Chair)Most DifficultMost DifficultClosed
Dipsy DoodleIroquois Quad (Red Chair)EasiestEasiestClosed
Dutchman GladesIroquois Quad (Red Chair)ExtremeExtremeClosed
Nischans RunIroquois Quad (Red Chair)More DifficultMore DifficultClosed

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